Centre for Intellectual Property Policy /CIPP


The Centre for Intellectual Property Policy was founded in April 2003 as part of McGill University’s Faculty of Law.

The CIPP emerged as the initiative of Professors Richard Gold and David Lametti, two leading intellectual property scholars at McGill University’s Faculty of Law. The CIPP was established to increase Montreal’s attractiveness and competitiveness by facilitating intellectual property research, technology transfer, commercialization and knowledge mobilization.

In October 2003, the CIPP received one of the most significant grants ever awarded to legal researchers by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Since then, the CIPP rapidly expanded to form a network of national and international researchers in a range of intellectual property related disciplines.

The CIPP’s mission is to advance research and policy formation of intellectual property and innovation systems.

To achieve this mission the CIPP focuses on a few interconnected priority areas:

  • The CIPP carries out interdisciplinary research to understand the role of intellectual property policies and rules in contributing to creativity and innovation. In particular, the Centre examines if and how intellectual property contributes to broad social goals such as increased health, cultural development, access to information and economic growth. The CIPP is committed to McGill’s tradition of cutting-edge research and the Faculty of Law’s openness to different legal systems and cultures in studying intellectual property and innovation systems.
  • The CIPP is also committed to advancing research that is relevant and responsive to policy needs in Canada and abroad. We achieve this relevance by ensuring that the Centre’s work is empirically-based, open to multiple viewpoints, addresses concrete policy needs in real contexts and is communicated clearly and openly to those who need the information.
  • CIPP researchers examine not only the laws that govern intellectual property, but the way in which institutions and practices interact to govern innovation systems more broadly. Our aim is to be among the world’s foremost authorities in intellectual property research and policy.
  • The CIPP enhances understanding of intellectual property and innovation systems among students at McGill University at the undergraduate, graduate and executive level, as well as within the community.

The CIPP publicizes its research findings through workshops, conferences, and publications. The Centre seeks to maximize the impact of its research by ensuring broad dissemination of its research results with the aim of leaving a legacy of sustained capacity among its partners and the countries and governments with which it works.

The Centre operates in both English and French and in relation to the common law and civil law systems.

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