« AI and Law: a Critical Overview », ouvrage collectif publié sous la direction de Karim Benyekhlef

Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer la publication, aux éditions Thémis, de l’ouvrage collectif AI and Law: a Critical Overview, dirigé par le professeur Karim Benyekhlef.

This book is the outcome of two scientific events on technocriticism of technoproducts and on providing a panorama of the legal implications of artificial intelligence, themes sharing the goal of identifying, from a diachronic perspective, the socio-legal consequences of technologies and the foundations of their pre-eminence in public discourse. These two aspects of technology are not unrelated since the pre-eminence of a technological narrative of our societies cannot fail to have consequences on law and what law does. In other words, the status our societies give technology and its magical power2 has a contagion effect on law, how law is understood3 and the ways rules are drafted and applied. 

Extrait de l’Introduction (Auteur : Karim Benyekhlef)

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