Modern Times and Digital Regulation (Second Edition)

(Annual conference between UdeM / CASS)

Salon François Chevrette – Faculty of Law – UdeM

Monday, December 9th

A colloquium jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Université de Montréal (L.R. Wilson Chair on eCommerce Law / CRDP / Faculty of Law) 

This activity is co-organized by the Université de Montréal (Faculty of Law / LR Wilson Chair / CRDP) and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). This conference represents an activity between the two institutions that are used to working together. This year, as last year, the conference is titled « Modern Times and Digital Regulation » and will discuss a comparative view of the legal issues surrounding e-commerce.

The activity is free but registration is mandatory (see below)

There is 7 hours of continuing professional training recognition (9h) for the Barreau of Québec and Chambre des Notaires.


Opening Remarks

  • Dr Chen Guoping, Deputy Director of Institute of Law – CASS
  • Vincent Gautrais , Director of CRDP, Faculty of Law – UdeM

Digitalization of work

  • Xie Zengyi: Professor – CASS
    • Legal status of platform workers: employee or independent contractor
  • Pierre Larouche: Professor – Vice-Dean – UdeM
    • Qualification of uBer’s activities: is uBer a taxi service or not?
  • Vincent Gautrais: Director of CRDP – Professor – UdeM

Digitalization and privacy issues 

  • Zhou Hui: Assistant Professor – CASS
    • The Legislation Frameworks for Personal Information Protection in China : From Sectoral to Comprehensive
  • Danielle olofsson: Lawyer BCF – Adjunct professor
    • The Legislation Frameworks for Personal Information Protection in Canada



Digitalization in environmental context 

  • Lin Xiaoxiao: Assistant Professor – CASS
    • The assessment technology and judicial recognition of environmental damages in China
  • Hugo Tremblay: Professor – UdM
    • Environmental justice in a digital context

Digitalization of Justice

  • Hu Changming: Assistant Professor – CASS
    • The latest development of court informatization in China
  • Nicolas Vermeys: Vice-Dean – Professor – UdeM
    • The latest development of court informatization in Canada

Criminal Law and digital context

  • Huang Fang: Professor – CASS
    • Developments in Cybercrime Legislation and Applicability of Legal Provisions in Criminal Justice in China
  • Amissi Marinabona: Professor – UdeM
    • Developments in Cybercrime in Canada

Closing Remarks

  • Prof. Chen Guoping – Deputy Director – Professor – CASS
  • Catherine Piché – Vice-Dean (International Affairs) – Faculty of Law – UdeM


Bar of Québec continuing professional training recognition (7h) *
Chambre des notaires continuing professional training recognition (7h) *

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