Modern Times and Digital Regulation

Modern Times and Digital Regulation
A colloquium jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Université de Montréal
(L.R. Wilson Chair on eCommerce Law / CRDP / Faculty of Law)
Welcoming words (8h45 – 9h)
Guy Lefebvre
Zhou Hanhua
Jean-François Gaudreault-Desbiens
Vincent Gautrais

PANEL 1 – Development of Internet technology and legal reform (9h – 10h15)
Moderator :
Zhi Zhenfeng (Professor – CASS)
Social Reconstruction and the reform of rule of law in the Internet times
Pierre Trudel (Professor – CRDP)
Law and Internet Governance
Liu Xiaomei (Professor – CASS)
Legislative Safeguards for Internet Technologies

Coffee break: 10H15 – 10h30

PANEL 2 – Legal regulation on sharing economy (10h30 – 12h)
Moderator: Professor Zhou Hanhua (CASS)
Lu Chao (Professor – CASS)
The regulation patterns of sharing economy with Chinese characteristics
Éric Mathevet (Lecturer in law, labour inspector and PhD Student – CRDP)
Labour, law, and the platforms
Dalia Gesualdi-Fecteau (Professor – UQAM)
Impacts of Platform Economy on Access to Labour Law
Vincent Gautrais (Professor – CRDP)
The Normative Ecology of Disruptive Technology

Lunch : 12H – 13H30

PANEL 3 – Opportunities and challenges of digital economy (13h30 – 14h45)
Moderator: Professor Zhi Zhenfeng (CASS)
Cai Yuezhou (Professor – CASS)
The impact of digital technology on China’s economy
Nicolas Vermeys (Professor – CRDP)
Opportunities and challenges of cyberjustice
Sébastien Gambs (Professor – UQAM)
Opportunities and challenges of IA

Coffee break: 14H45 – 15h

PANEL 4 – e-commerce and law (15h – 16h30)
Moderator: Professor Vincent Gautrais (CRDP)
Zhou Hui (Professor – CASS)
E-commerce Legislation in China
Danielle Miller (Lawyer – BCF)
Privacy Topics in Canadian eCommerce
Sun Nanxiang (Professor – CASS)
Towards a Digital Trade Era: The eWTO Proposal and China’s Experience
Miriam Cohen (Professor – UdeM)
International aspects of eCommerce Law

Closing remarks
Guest Speaker (17h – 18h15)
Natalie Lichtenstein (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Inernational Studies)
A Comparative Guide to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

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