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Postdoctoral program

In the last five years, around 20 students have conducted original postdoctoral research in the CRDP’s research areas. Postdoctoral researchers work with a full-time or associate researcher belonging to the Regroupement Droit, Changements et Gouvernance, and are invited to take part in the work of one of our research teams. Through publications, conferences, seminars, research project development and teaching, postdoctoral students make many contributions to the CRDP and the RDCG.

For further information on obtaining a postdoctoral position at the CRDP and on how to apply for financial support, please contact us by email at

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Graduate studies

The Faculty of Law at the University of Montréal has a number of Master’s and Phd programs in law.

Students enrolled in a general Master’s or Phd program and wishing to study legal theory, intellectual property law, Aboriginal law or sociology of law can count on the expertise, availability and close supervision of the professor-researchers at the CRDP.

The Faculty of Law and CRDP offer specialized Master’s programs in biotechnologies law and information technologies law. Phd students can also write dissertations in these areas. Through their teaching and research, the CRDP’s professor-researchers constantly update these programs, which are in the areas in which they direct or co-direct most of the CRDP’s students.

Graduate programs in Law, biotechnologies and society:

Students who choose this specialization have to enrol in the Master’s with thesis program (LL.M.: description and program structure) or Doctorate program (LL.D.: general information and program structure).

Graduate programs in Law of information technologies:

Microprogram (certificate): description and program structure.

Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS - postgraduate diploma): description and program structure.

Master’s with thesis (LL.M.) and Master’s with directed study (LL.M.): description, program structure and seminar list for the information technology law option.

Phd (LL.D.): general information and program structure.

For further information: 
(514) 343-6111, extension 2428

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