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Scholarships and Awards

Financial assistance for Master’s and Phd students

The CRDP offers Phd and Master’s students various grants, as well as the possibility of a position as a research officer or assistant.

In 2011–2012, the CRDP’s dynamic research team and cutting-edge research projects made it possible to hire 33 research officers, 50 research assistants and 2 programmer-analysts.

The CRDP has a long tradition of hiring graduate students. Researchers at the Centre strongly encourage the practice because it is essential to the development of interdisciplinary research in law and helps to maintain the CRDP’s stimulating academic environment, which is known for high quality and professionalism.

In addition to offering students financial support so that they can pursue and successfully complete graduate studies, the positions of research officer and assistant help students to integrate into a research team and facilitate academic and professional acknowledgement of their work. Student participation in the Centre’s various research activities both improves the quality of their training and consolidates the CRDP’s research and teaching mission.

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