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Law and Information and Communication Technologies

Directed by Professor
Vincent Gautrais, the projects carried out in the Law and Information and Communications Technologies area are designed to shed light on changes and redefinitions occurring in information environments with respect to law, other normativities and governance. The researchers in this area are brought together around a variety of issues: the legal and normative framework for cyberspace, regulatory mechanisms applicable to information technologies, analysis of information systems with respect to basic rights, and new tools and changes generated by cyberjustice. Among other things, the researchers in this area have worked on Web 2.0 issues and the relationship between privacy and national security. Themes orienting work in this area cover, first, issues related to better governance of the legal system thanks to the work of the Cyberjustice Laboratory. The Laboratory focuses, on one hand, on developing software solutions for dealing with the system's problems (costs, delays) and, on the other hand, on studying socio-juridical obstacles to dematerialization of court procedures (Benyekhlef, Gélinas, Trudel, Bates and Vermeys). Second, the theme of governance of networks and new media brings researchers together around problems such as the new contours of the notion of property (Azzaria and Lametti, Gendreau), privacy and security (Gautrais, Trudel, Benyekhlef) and electronic publication of legal knowledge (Poulin), as well as development of technological tools for teaching law (Gautrais) through the creation of a site entitled, which makes it possible to unite professors and students from 6 universities specializing in this area of law. The new Cyberjustice Laboratory, inaugurated in November 2010, will make it possible to develop solutions to certain problems in the justice system.

In 2010-2011, researchers in the Law and Information and Communications Technologies area produced 7 books, published around 20 articles and other academic publications, and gave over 40 talks. Note that this year the L.R. Wilson Chair in Information Technology and E-Commerce Law and the Université de Montréal Chair of Excellence in E-Commerce and Security Law have once again contributed to raising the Centre's visibility thanks to the many research activities and innovative projects that they have carried out. The L.R. Wilson Chair organized and led the Le droit à l’oubli numérique and La gestion des marques de commerce dans le Web 2.0 conferences, while the Chair of Excellence held the Creative Commons et droit d’auteur and La diffamation sur Internet conferences. Professor Ysolde Gendreau also set up a series on art in collaboration with the Montréal Museum of Fine Art and the Cinémathèque québécoise. Students involved in work related to the Law and Information and Communications Technologies area have produced over 70 contributions to knowledge, in the form of books, articles, contributions to collective works and talks. We should also note that 3 PhD dissertations and 6 Master's theses were completed in the course of the year.

Finally, note that Professor Ysolde Gendreau heads the Canadian chapter of the Association littéraire et artistique internationale (ALAI). Professor Karim Benyekhlef is the Director of CERIUM (Centre d'études et de recherches internationales de l’Université de Montréal), and finally, Professor Pierre Trudel is the Director of the Centre d’études sur les médias. In addition to this quantitative summary, it should also be noted that the CRDP's researchers belong to many major research networks in Europe and North America.


  1. AZZARIA, Georges
  2. BENABOU, Valérie Laure
  3. BENYEKHLEF, Karim
  4. DEFFAINS, Bruno
  5. DESCHÊNES, Mylène
  6. GAUTRAIS, Vincent
  7. GÉLINAS, Fabien
  8. GENDREAU, Ysolde
  9. HOWELL, Robert
  10. LAMBERTERIE, Isabelle de
  11. LAMETTI, David
  12. MOYSE, Pierre-Emmanuel
  13. POULIN, Daniel
  14. POULLET, Yves
  15. ROUSSEAU, Stéphane
  16. STROWEL, Alain
  17. TRUDEL, Pierre
  18. VAVER, David
  19. VERMEYS, Nicolas

Research Projects

  1. Droits fondamentaux de l’information
  2. Judicial Education Portal
  3. Juriburkina
  4. Normes documentaires pour le Conseil canadien de la magistrature
  5. Nova Scotia Courts Web Project
  6. Repenser le droit processuel : vers une cyberjustice
  7. Tribunal-école électronique

Liste des projets terminés

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